The king dollar set to disappoint?

I published a series of shorter posts and tweets about the dollar in the past, but didn’t write a more extensive one recently. I was thinking to write a longer post for a while now, but a) just didn’t find time to do it and b) thought we are set for a correction after the selloff in the last half a year or so, so I thought there is no rush with presenting a bearish case. Anyway.. now I think we might not even get a correction yet in this it seems to be the first stage of a major long-term dollar bear market. Read More

Few trade ideas

Let me highlight few trade ideas I tweeted recently. So let me share them with you with reposting them here…  Read More

Gold might not be ready to rally just yet

Last weak gold was trying to break its famous multi-month long resistance trendline (see below) and many gold bulls/bugs were getting excited. Over a long term I think gold is a great store of value, but in short term I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells off from the current price level.  Read More

USDCAD pointing to crude oil rally

Had you asked me a few months ago what do I think where oil might go, being quite a vocal bear, I’d say that the only way is down. Even when WTI was breaking above 52.00 USD/bbl level and hedge funds have built a record long position, I was very pessimistic about that and as expected the move was short-lived. But recently I became less bearish. In this post let me present what I see right now.. Read More

S&P 500 approaching an important resistance… Is this rally about to end or continue?

S&P 500 rallied and finished strong this week as anticipated. I wrote about the necessary help from broader market participation in last week’s post, and we got it. But what next? Let me present you arguments for and against this rally and what to look for going forward. Read More

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