Unloved soft commodities

I would like to present you a very interesting setup in soft commodities I am observing for a while now. I wrote about COT positioning already, so a frequent reader should be familiar with the term and how to read it. This time there is an extreme imbalance in hedge fund and producer positioning in sugar, cocoa, coffee and orange juice while the price of each sits at very low levels. Continue reading “Unloved soft commodities”

Dollar bears do not want to see a (deep) correction!

Since I last wrote about the US dollar [see here], the DXY index fell by approximately 300 pips. The dollar is now approaching probably the most important support zone in this selloff and bulls would say that the final leg higher is yet to come. While I am a more inclined towards a weak dollar with DXY at 70 or lower over time, I understand bulls’ arguments and I can see the case they are advocating. In this post let me present what would have to happen to make me revise my bear thesis to potentially change my mind and become a bull again.

Let me start with the DXY index and the support zone I mentioned earlier. One should clearly see it from my tweet I posted a few days ago. One could easily say that a correction is due, bears might also argue that a correction would be healthy.. but the real question, if you ask me, is not if a correction is healthy but how deep correction is still healthy and what is a level where a bear should get worried. Continue reading “Dollar bears do not want to see a (deep) correction!”

SunContract: blockchain in energy

I am happy to announce that I became one of the SunContract advisors; more specifically I became an advisor for energy trading related topics. Thus I would like to remind you to read my post about European energies here. I would also like to share a SunContract’s post below which was originally published on their blog.

Please check SunContract’s website and if you like the project you are very welcome to contribute; token sale ends in 10 days.

About the SunContract project

The SunContract is a Slovenian start-up project that wants to stimulate innovation in the rigid energy sector by utilizing blockchain technology. A decentralized platform will enable direct trading with electricity between producers and consumers, while transparency and efficiency will be guaranteed through the Ethereum blockchain. Continue reading “SunContract: blockchain in energy”

Bitcoin watch out below

Bitcoin was a great story so far. There was a proper euphoria with comments like “bitcoin price can only go up” and similar, expectations were high and everyone thought trading cryptos or doing some kind of business in the field is like a walk in the park. It seems that this is slowly but surely ending, at least for now; it was sweet while lasted.

When everyone I know, who by the way are everything but experts in financial markets, talk about it, is time to get worried. So let me start with showing you my tweet from 3 weeks ago and continue with a tweet from this Friday. Continue reading “Bitcoin watch out below”

Sell bonds and buy micro-caps

I would like to start with my tweet I posted 10 days ago.

So far this has been a great call. Before continuing, please read my past post about gold here, where I discuss that gold price is likely to trade lower.

Now, back to bonds. Continue reading “Sell bonds and buy micro-caps”