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After years of professional involvement in the financial markets, writing a blog, and organizing educational workshops, I decided to help people in a more direct way.

I have set up an alternative fund, through which the investors in the fund will have an opportunity to the make the same returns I’m making. In the past I have achieved above average returns and the goal is to transfer my performance to the fund as well.

The purpose of the fund is to maintain the value of investors’ assets while achieving positive returns regardless of market or economic conditions. Unlike most other funds, the investment objective is the pursuit of absolute returns. This means that the goal is to achieve positive returns even in times of crisis, when most stocks and indices are losing value.

The investment objective is pursued through the active management of the fund’s assets. The assets will be invested in those investment classes and products that offer the best potential return to the lowest risk level at any given moment. In doing so, the fund’s assets can be invested not only in stocks or bonds, but also in other investment classes, such as commodities, which include precious metals and energies, cryptocurrencies, and more.

If you are interested in investing in the fund, please contact me here or through CT Capital Ltd.

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