Silver hasn’t move anywhere in the past 2 years, it’s been in a range and this range is getting smaller and smaller. It’s just nuts, it’s dead money and if you’re invested in silver then you’re probably going crazy looking at other people making money trading stocks, oil, base metals, etc. While you’re getting nothing. The opportunity cost here is just huge!

Well there still might be some hope left. As you’re probably aware you know that after a prolonged period of very low volatility (past few years) there comes a period with expanded volatility. I can’t tell you when volatility will expand, but I assure you it definitely will.

I have a feeling this could happen rather sooner than later, but don’t take this for granted. Why I think that is also because we saw a vicious rally in the dollar and silver didn’t even budge.

Well, the dollar could continue higher, much higher. At the moment I don’t believe that, but if dollar does appreciate then when volatility comes, silver could very violently move lower rather than higher. So, if you’re long and price starts accelerating lower, get the hell out of its way while you can!

But at the moment I’m rather sitting on the sidelines and waiting for a breakout confirmation. If we get it, then this will be my signal to get in because when silver moves higher next time, it could move a lot. A lot!

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