My Twitter followers probably already saw me tweeting about uranium for a while now. I’ve been saying that it could bottom here, where the main instrument or vehicle of choice is Global X Uranium ETF $URA. It’s been bottoming for the past 3 years and it feels the process could be ending soon.

Let me share with you a tweet I published yesterday. I think there is no need to add much more.

But I would like to highlight a few comments I received on my post. I think they add value!

Philip thinks institutions might have started buying as well!

Another instrument, according to Peter it is more exposed to pure uranium miner play, is $GCL.

But as Philip added it could still be cheaper to be exposed to URA rather than GCL.

Guys, thanks for the comments! And let’s see how this thing plays our. Time will tell which one will outperform in the future. For now I’m still sticking to URA though. But should uranium space really bottom here either one should perform very well!

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